How we got to be the largest privately owned printer in the west



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Herb Zebrack takes his first printing class in high school, not because he liked printing but because the instructor never took roll.


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Herb buys Lithographix, a company with 1.6MM in yearly revenue in a 6,400 SQ FT facility. 152 people join the Lithographix family.


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Bought Porter & Griffen which was 15,000 SQ FT. Moving into that facility with all that space was like dying and going to heaven!


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Expanded to 35,000 SQ FT under three roofs.


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We moved to a facility with 110,000 SQ FT and Herb panicked, wondering how we were going to fill up the space. It took 6 months.

Also bought a half web to become familiar with the web business.


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We bought our first full web.


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Added our second full web and two 41" sheet fed presses


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Two webs and ten sheet fed presses later, we bought the building across the street to house our bindery and accounting department.


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We purchased the 250,000 SQ FT building in Hawthorne, California. The plant was previously home to Northrop where they built the Tacit Blue test aircraft and part of the fuselage for the Boeing 747.

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This also marks the birth of our Grand Format division with the purchase of 16' wide Vutek roll-to-roll printers.

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If that weren't enough, we also added a KBA 6-color press with an impressive sheet size of 80" x 59.5".


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The addition of flatbed and Lambda printers launched our Retail/Point-of-Purchase business.


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Playing off the former use of our building, a "stealth" room was built to accommodate our clients' high security and restricted access projects.


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Our rooftop was adorned with a 650 kW solar array – the first commercial installation in the city - offsetting our energy demand by 30%.


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Updating our Vutek equipment to Durst allowed us to increase our printing speed and quality, and switch to UV inks versus solvent.


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Acquired Rocket Studios expanding our service offerings to computer-generated graphics, creative design and retouching and more.

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Added our first digital press and enterprise-level software putting us squarely into the on-demand, variable data and short run arena.


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Our new Fabrication & Installation operation gave us the ability to design, assemble and install hardware for all types of signage.

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Textile printing became a part of our business with the addition of a dye sublimation printer.


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Deployed our first customer-branded web-to-print storefront for Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods.


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BrandLX launched – a multidisciplinary team focused on value-added technologies.

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The acquisition of Meridian Graphics lettershop was the birth of our entry into the direct mail market.

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New equipment including an Indigo 12000 and various finishing equipment built on the strength of our digital print business.

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Structural packaging design became one of our specialities.

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Branded our multi-functional, under-one-roof capabilities.


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We have 270 employees all under one roof.

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Revamped our entire Grand Format pressroom with eight brand new EFI VUTEk flatbed, roll-to-roll and dye-sublimation printers.